Issue Five Autumn 2021

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Cátia Freitas, Aisha Hashem, Erin, and Gabi

THE RADICAL NOTION Global Panel Discussion: 
Part 1

Jane Clare Jones
That’s Not Pretty: An Interview With Dixie Chick [sample]

Esmée Streachailt, Elizabeth Miller, Erica Orson, and Kasey Craig
The Crises for Grassroots Radical Feminism in the US


Blob’s Corner: Excision

Elizabeth Hungerford and Amy E. Sousa
Both/And: Working With the Religious Right

Long Reads

Elizabeth Judd
Trashing: A Second-Wave Feminist Perspective

Sarah Lucia Hoagland


Rebecca S. Bergfjord
Paternalism and Reproductive Agency: On Abortion

Esmée Streachailt
Women v. The United States: Equality Act Is a Crisis for the Equal Rights Amendment


Esmée Streachailt

Editorial Statement

Michelle Thomason

Ideological Totalism Left and Right [sample]

Aisha Hashem
Afghanistan, Imperialism, and Neo-Colonialism

Lynne Schmidt
When I Think About Texas [sample]

Jayne Egerton
Women and the Religious Right

The Women’s Collective on Law and Policy

Sex Matters: A Feminist Legal Analysis of the Bostock Decision and Executive Order 13988


Erica Orson
Captured: Gender-Identity Ideology Takes Women’s Spaces

Hannah Simpson
Breaking the Rules of the High School Movie: A Review of Moxie

Jane Clare Jones
Cancel Culture and the Puritan Imagination

Jane Clare Jones
The Timelessness of Twinkies

Erin Becker
How ‘Different’ Came to Mean ‘Inferior’: An Explanation of My Religion-Haunted American Sisters

Linda Napikoski

The Second Sports Sex


Mel Connelly
The First Elegy of Many

M. F. Simone Roberts
Snow, Sugar, Ash, Water, Breath



With artwork by Eliza Mondegreen and Bec Wonders

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