What is The Radical Notion?

THE RADICAL NOTION is a new feminist magazine for the resurgent women’s movement. In today’s neoliberal age, identity politics has fractured the left, women’s rights are imperilled the world over, and feminism has been defanged. THE RADICAL NOTION insists on the continuing relevance of a feminist critique rooted in progressive class politics and structural analysis. It creates a space for growing numbers of radical, socialist, ecological, and materialist feminists. Engaging in dialogue, both among ourselves and with the wider world, the community will expand, refine, and adapt its understanding of the contemporary crisis — and its thinking of a feminism for the future.

Male dominance, capitalist exploitation, white supremacy, pervasive disembodiment, environmental collapse, authoritarianism left and right… These crises of patriarchy are the pressing issues of our time, connected by deep and insidious patterns. At a time when feminist analysis is being silenced, it is needed more than ever. The crises of our culture are a call to urgent thinking.

THE RADICAL NOTION believes in a world that replaces hierarchy, domination and thought-policing with ties of mutual recognition and respect. Thoughtful, open, honest discussion is desperately needed. In print and online, its eclectic offerings encompass essays and articles; current affairs from across the globe; philosophical, political and cultural analyses; artwork, poetry, fiction, and personal reflections; reviews, and interviews. Written in an accessible style, THE RADICAL NOTION articulates the principles of a truly left-wing feminism, outlining a vision of the new feminism to come.